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Flone Not Move

Flone 3.0 It's ready to fly, already WORKED WITH Connect floneremote .. but I did not get anything, brushless not move, I do not know if there have missed a step. I just assemble and update frimewear Naze32 .. I do not know what else to like where?


  • Hi IndraGunawan,
    Sorry that I see your message too late.
    You should give us more information for help you.
    You say that already worked? And later not?

    The best is to connect naze32 by usb to computer together with the smartphone via bluetooth for understand what happens.
    Normally is a problem of configuration.

  • Hi all,

    I have built a Flone with Naze32 and configured it with cleanflight. I could even connect my phone to the Flone via bluetooth, but the controls in the app do not work (e.g. throttle increased, but the motors do not spin).

    I am sure the hardware is good - via cleanflight I could test all motors separately. Also I have set all the configuration steps which are given in the instructables 3.0 version.

    Do you have a clue what I am missing? Could it be due to the missing gyroscope in my phone?

  • Maybe you are missing:

    * Can you pair properly your smartphone to the bluetooth module via Android settings?

    * Is the Bluetooth connected properly?
    Better on UART2. RX to TX and TX to RX.

    * Is the UART2 MSP data activated?
    Like in this picture:

    * Is the Receiver mode in RX_MSP ?
    Shuld be selected RX_MSP.

    Once this is configured, you should see the chanels move in the receiver tab.

    By the way, if your smartphone don't have gyrosope you should connect, but you can not use it for control flone since it can't detect the movements of the smartphone.
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