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DSM2 device

Can you send the exact product information about the DSM2 Satellite device you are using? Some detailed images, the model name and number, and any tips for the configuration in Arduino would be very helpful.

I have a spektrum spm9645 dsmx remote receiver plugged into the MultiWii and it isn't powering up at all. I spoke to the manufacturer and they said it isn't capable of doing what I need on its own.

I also don't know which lines to uncomment in the MultiWii software to make it function properly. Your instructions say the the connection is via Bluetooth, so will I be able to scan for that Bluetooth connection on my control phone and connect to it? I've gotten just about everything else prepared, but I am very lost with how the App on my controller phone is supposed to communicate to the MultiWii itself.


  • Ok, since I posted the last comment, I've found your new 3.0 Flone instructable. I see that now you're suggesting the K8 KBAR Bluetooth Module. Is that the best option, or can I use any HC-05 Bluetooth module? I'm using a Hobby King MultiWii 328P flight controller.
  • lot
    edited April 2016
    We selected this just because it's cheaper.
    You can use any BT that powers with 5V.
    I think HC-05 is powered with 3.3V, so better use another module.

    Anyway some people do it:
  • Thanks for the advice! I had already bought an HC-05, and I've changed the baud rate. I've been successful in communicating with the MultiWii, calibrating it, reading and writing changes to settings and everything! Very exciting!

    One last problem though. The "Flone = Drone + Phone" app will frequently crash, OR, depending on the phone being used, the throttle will not power my motors. All other functions work, but the motors will not turn. I'm so close! Can you help me please?
  • Hi Simon,

    If the app crash please send the reports for understand the problem.
    If you know hot to reproduce the error, please report an issue:

    Can you check if each channel is in the right order?
    Did you configurate the arm with channel 1?

    If you are using Multiwii board you can use also the old app.
    Usability is not so good: You need to write the BT_name for connect.

    Good luck
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