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How to open calibration software


The linked image is showing some software being used to calibrate the magnetometer, accelerometers and gyroscopes. I have downloaded the Multiwii 1.8 software, but can't get it to run. When I try to open the Application called MultiWiiConf1_8 I get an error that reads "Windows cannot find 'javaw.exe'." Can anyone help me?


  • Hi,
    This is for Multiwii board, do you have this board wright?
    Try to install first Arduino & Processing. this will install everything that you need.
  • Ok, I've installed Arduino. I'm still getting the same error. Do I need to put the MultiWiiConf file somewhere in the Arduino folder? I've tried many things, and the configuration software still won't start.
  • Did you install the drivers?
    You should install last version, multiwii 2.4
  • Simon, install java in your machine. enter in oracle site
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